Alan in his shack with his QSL Wall

The joy of Amateur Radio is speaking to people.  Let us now try to promote this great hobby of ours.

I myself became interested in radio at the age of 13.  I started building crystal sets and then one valve and two valve sets.  With these radios I heard Radio Amateurs and curiosity got the better of me and I had to find out more.

I started work as a metal fabricator at the age of 15 and as soon as I got some money together I bought two ex military receivers from radio shops which were then situated on Shudehill in Manchester.  In 1965 I married and continued with short wave listening.  Two children came along so expansion was limited as family life took over.

I joined another amateur radio club in 1987 which then met at Dialstone Centre in Stockport.  In the same year I did my RAE for my VHF licence and received the call sign G1ROW.  I later took my Morse test in 1992 and then received my HF licence G0ROW.

I retired at 63 from my position of Purchasing Manager at an engineering company and found myself with more time to enjoy the hobby. My main interests are SSB, HF and collecting QSL cards.  I have now worked  over a 100 countries and have received the DX World Award. 

Sadly I lost my partner in the later part of the 2021, and also my involvement with the other club ended. 

I didn’t want to just sit around and wonder what to do, and then the though of setting up a small friendly club came in to my head, and after chatting to a couple of my good friends, Gilmore Radio Club was born.

I hope you enjoy what myself and the team have put together, and hope to see you at the club house soon.

Alan G0ROW – GRC Team Member