Good morning to all GRC members and non members and hope this finds you well. The first ever Gilmore Radio Club CW net takes place on Thur 23 December at 7pm local time (19:00 UTC).  The net will be on 10m and frequency is 28.080 MHz +/- 2khz if QRM.

You are invited to call in by CW if you have CW capabilities on 10m. If not you are invited to listen to see if you can hear the net in action. 

Just before the net starts, I’ll be sending QRL? a couple of times, which means “is the frequenct clear?” Hopefully it will be. If it is not clear, I’ll move up 2 Khz to 28.082. However it’s likely the freq will be free.

I’ll be keying with a paddle at 15 wpm and will be using the club callsign M0JUW. I’ll open with a short introduction and welcome to any members or non members who wish to call in by sending their callsign once. After my intro I’ll send:


The “k” is the cue for anyone to call in by sending their callsign once. If I don’t hear the callsign clearly I may send AGN PSE K

If you do call in, a short QSO is fine. A short QSO might be callsign, rst report, your name and then 73 K for a polite finish. I’ll reply with the same. If you don’t send a “73” I’ll keep it going and say something like TNX FER NET CALL K   and then you can reply again with a couple of words and 73 K to finish.

It’s all meant to be good fun, so no problem if we don’t get everything right. The main thing is to send “73” when you finish, so I know you are ending.

If you are just listening, that’s great, thank you. I’d really appreaciate it if you can email a signal report to our new GRC CW email address at as your feedback is most welcome.

Thank you everyone, and I look forward to an enjoyable CW net.


David M0WDD