After the first Club Meeting where we discussed being an open, helpful and friendly club I thought it might be a good idea to introduce ourselves and maybe outline our current interests in the Hobby and anything we may wish to learn about going forward. Obviously, this would be a voluntary exercise. With that in mind here is my intro.

I became interested in Radio generally in late 2015 after a friend had shown me a handheld scanner, the Uniden UBC125XLT. Impressed I bought one and played around with it and listened in on Conversations, Taxi companies and Aircraft etc. Within a few months I was starting to think that the conversations I was hearing were quite interesting and I’d like to join in. I set about searching the internet for all things radio and immersed myself in it. It wasn’t long before I ‘googled’ some letters a chap kept saying and the result was Armed with the information I set about finding a club to get my licence, in the mean time I bought a CB and had a play with that on the high ground and was talking to people in Europe, I was hooked. I bought a Yaesu FT450D with a view to getting a licence.

In mid 2016 I passed my Foundation and my intermediate in 2018. I quickly became interested in Yaesu system fusion so traded up for a Yaesu 991A and an FTM100D for my car, until my Stepson bought me an FTM400XD which I still have. I am mentioning the radio’s in case any one has any of these models and needs any help with them. As time passed and I learnt more and Spent even more!!! I bought an Icom IC7300 and sold the 991A. I also bought and IC9700 second hand but then traded that for an IC705. I also had a DVMega but it wasn’t my thing so I sold it. I am happy to help anyone who has one though.

My main interest in the hobby currently is Raspberry pi, Zero and Pico and learning to program them etc. I have recently built a “DigiPi” a little project by KM6LYW which runs Digital modes in a web browser APRS, Winlink, FT8 and more. It’s quite a simple thing but works well and inspired me to look further into it all. When operating I love HF and DX’ing SSB and I enjoy 2m nets etc…. I haven’t been active for some time but I am moving soon and hope to change that. I also Admin the Charlie Tango DX Group Forum and Facebook Page. Charlie Tango is a group open to all facets of Radio, CB, Amateur, SWL etc.. (although primarily CB to be honest, so don’t shoot the messenger)

For the future I look forward to getting to grips with CW (I hope, lol) and then who knows…. There is so much to do/learn in this hobby.

So that’s a brief outline on me, just to recap on the Radio’s I have used and still use are below. If you have any questions around these radio’s or anything else please don’t hesitate to ask.

Current Radio’sPast Radio’s
Icom IC7300Yaesu FT450D   
Icom IC705Yaesu FT991A
Yaesu FTM400XDYaesu FTM100D
Yaesu FT70DIcom IC9700
 Yaesu FT857D