Just a bit about GB7RA

The repeater is run by three radio hams, and friends of GRC, Rob M0ORA, Andy M0REP with assistance from Matt M0MVR.  Their repeater was moved to a new site in June 2020 which offers better coverage of the Wirral in all directions.  The kit comprises of a Yaesu DR1X in remote mode with a Raspberry Pi3b running Pi-Star all connected to a Procom duplexer and a 70cm Co-linear.

The setup screen for the Yaesu DR1X repeater.

GB7RA in its new rack

If you are interested in getting started on D-Star there is an article on the website to assist you.

GB7RA repeater is available on the following frequency.

Output frequency:439.6500 MHz 
Input frequency: 430.6500 MHz(-9MHz offset)
Modes Enabled:  
Yaesu System Fusion/ C4FMAll rooms available 

This repeater supports users of DStar & Yaesu System Fusion / C4FM. It will allow you to connect using your preferred digital voice (DV) mode. If you use a particular mode please follow the rules of etiquette for that mode, but most of all enjoy using the repeater.

There are timeouts set on all modes so please be aware if you can’t key up the repeater for some reason when you usually can – it’s highly likely it’s because it’s in another mode.

When using YSF / C4FM you are able to connect to any room.

The repeater is run by Andy M0REP, Rob M0ORA with support from Matt M0MVR. There is no uptime guarantee, however if the repeater is down please email GB7RA.repeater (at) gmail.com and we’ll look into it.  Please don’t direct any emails regarding this repeater to any other email address.

There’s a guide in the links showing how to get started with DStar – this guide is very much a work-in-progress and will be updated on a regular basis as I add more details.

The map below is the projected coverage for GB7RA

Coverage Map for GB7RACoverage Map for GB7RA