Gilmore Radio Club is an amateur radio club in Manchester which had its inaugural meeting onboard Narrowboat Royal Oscar on November 30, 2021. Four good friends who are also amateur radio enthusiasts came together to form a small friendly club. The club meets once a month at St Marys Church Hall, Reddish, Stockport from 7.30pm. Have a look at the What’s on page for all the dates.

The purpose of the Radio Club is to enable people interested in the many facets of amateur radio to meet, discuss, and to exchange information and have friendly chats mainly to do with radio. Visitors are very welcome both at the club and on our various nets. Your GRC Team is Alan G0ROW, Nigel 2E0CKA, Keith M0JYP and Heather (Heth) M6HNS. We are here as a group to make decisions for the benefit of the members of Gilmore Radio Club.

GRC now has a dedicated CW Division – North West Morse – which is run jointly by Chris 2E0KJC and David M0WDD. All the dates for the CW sessions are listed on the calendar on the right hand side of the page