There are a lot of Q Codes that used by amateurs, but only a small percentage of them are used. The reason for this is that some of the are reference only for shipping, aircraft, police etc. These fall into the following patterns

QAA – QNZ – Aeronautical

QOA – QOZ – Maritime

QRA – QUZ – All Services

QZA – QZZ – Other

The Q Codes listed below form a question and answer format.

Q CodeCW Meaning
QRAWhat is your Callsign?
QRLIs this Frequency Busy?
QRMSignal Interference Man-made
QRNSignal Interference Natural (Static / Atmospheric Noise)
QROIncrease Transmitter Power
QRPDecrease Transmitter Power
QRQSend Faster
QRSSend Slower
QRTStop Transmitting
QRUI have no more messages
QRVReady to Transmit
QRWShall I tell (Callsign) you're calling them?
QRXStandby Please
QRZWho is calling me? Anyone can call
QSBSignals are fading
QSKBreak in Operation
QSLCan you acknowledge receipt?
QSMShall I Repeat my last Message?
QSORadio Contact Between Stations
QSPWill you relay to ...?
QSTA General Call Preceding Messages to all Eadio Operators (info/news)
QSVCall I send a Series of V's?
QSWWill you Transmit On...?
QSXWill you listen on ... (Freq)
QSYChange Frequency
QTHStation Location
QTRWhat is your Correct Time?
QTXKeep your Station Open Please