Radio amateurs who are new to the hobby are often daunted by the choice of HF antennas, particularly if they have a compact garden or their partners and neighbours object to poles and wiring being strung up. The following study carried out by the North Cheshire Radio Club shows that it is perfectly feasible to get good results by using the appropriate aerials in even the smallest attic. The antennas presented here have been analysed and compared by computer simulation. The construction techniques and representative samples of the designs have been tried out in practice.

The study covers a survey of the possible types of antennas and the design stages which lead to the chosen configurations together with their performance and safe operating powers. Those in a hurry may want to use the hyper-text links to jump straight to the sections giving the practical dimensions and construction techniques for the working designs. However those who are prepared to take the time to read the supporting sections will be in a better position to tailor the designs in order to take full advantage of their own particular circumstances.