Join in the net competition. The member with the highest attendance on the club’s nets will be awarded a nicely designed certificate and small plaque.

For each member calling into the net you are award 1 point, for those that are listening (must have sent an email or commented on the facebook post during the course of the net) will be awards 1/2 a point.

If you host a net, as a Net Controller, you are not awarded a point for that net, but at the end of the year the Net Controller with the highest amount of nets undertaken will be awards a special prize.

If you are interested in hosting a net, as a Net Controller, please contact Keith M0JYP or Alan G0ROW on any net, or club meeting.

An update is published weekly to all our members on email, and below is the current update upto the end of the previous full month. Although Heth, Nige, Keith and Alan (GRC Team) are in the list, we are not taking part in the event.

Good Luck to all entering.