I met and married my other half, Nigel 2E0CKA, in early 2000’s. On meeting my family, Nigel was invited to go along to a radio club in Stockport (Stockport Radio Society), with my brother in law and see what he thought of the hobby. Nigel went quite often with Ed 2E0CFM, and eventually took his foundation and intermediate. At that time, I was sat at home in front of the TV – the phone would go ‘be home in half an hour’ that was normally about one and a half hours later when he came home, so I asked if I could go with him one night.

That was the start of my journey into Amateur Radio. Through the assistance of the tutors at SRS, I took and passed my foundation in 2015, cutting the SRS story short, became a member, joined the rallies both in Stockport and Blackpool, joined the Committee, wrote their 100 year Centenary Book, and in late 2021 decided to leave SRS both the club and Committee. I do sincerely wish them all the best.

Now in 2022, I am part of the management team of Gilmore Radio Club, a team of four good friends, and radio enthusiasts, who came together to form Gilmore Radio Club..

I am a regular on all the nets that we run, and was also a regular on the SRS nets, attend all the meetings, and will going forward be attending the rallies around the Northwest, and hopefully, but maybe not in 2022, have a table at the NARSA rally.

I built, and populated both the SRS Website (which has now been handed back to SRS), and also the Gilmore Radio Club website, which is in its early stages.

During my times on air, I have used various radios, mainly Yaesu, and we (myself and CKA) has just purchased an FTDX10 HF and 50Mhz. We also have an FTM7250, various handies and a Diamond V2000 along with a Aerial 51 for HF. We also have a FT7900 onboard NB Royal Oscar.

We have made many friends though radio, of which, some have become good personal friends.

I am always around for anyone who wishes to get information about joining GRC, just give me a call.

Thanks for reading my brief story – of which I hope to continue as time goes on.

As my strapline was from the start of the pandemic – #Staysafe #Dontbelonely and #Talk