I moved to Manchester in 1998 to start a new job, and met and married my other half, Heth M6HNS, in early 2000’s. I got chatting to Ed 2E0CFM, my brother-in-law, on a night out, and he invited me to go with him to a radio club based in Stockport (Stockport Radio Society), where they did Amateur Radio. I went along with Ed 2E0CFM, and eventually joined the club and took my foundation in 2010 (M6BBL) and intermediate in 2012 (2E0CKA). I have also taken my full licence, missing by a few points. I will retake my full licence, but at the time work commitments stopped me from retaking it.

My XYL joined the club – sick of waiting for me to come home I think, and we both became regular members, assisting at the rallies at SRS and also becoming regulars at NARSA. In fact the three years prior to the pandemic, my XYL took all the photos for the NARSA website. I became a Committee Member of SRS as Membership Secretary, a position that I really enjoyed. Keeping in contact with all the members, and knowing their name and callsign, bringing new members into the club. Due to private reasons, I decided in late 2021 to step down from my role with SRS and also from the club. SRS has a fantastic history, and I can say I was proud to be part of that.

I had no intention of joining another club, let alone being part of a management team of a new club, but in late November 2021, along with Keith M0JYP, Alan G0ROW and my XYL Heth M6HNS we set up Gilmore Radio Club. We have been good friends for a long time, aswell as having a love of radio.

Personally I think that nets are the building blocks of any club, especially for those members who cannot get to club meetings or are unable to leave their homes. At SRS I was a Net Controller for many years, running 70cm, 2m, 6m and C4FM nets. Now as part of the team at Gilmore Radio Club, I assist with the nets when I am not on shift.

My Kit – well if memory serves me well, over the years I have had

  • Kenwood Trio TR9130
  • Yaesu FT1000MP
  • Yaesu FT897
  • Yaesu FT817
  • Yaesu FT847
  • Yaesu FT990
  • Yaesu FT8900
  • Yaesu FT7800
  • Yaesu FT7100
  • Xiegu G90

I now have (or I should say we – must include the XYL!!!)

  • Yaesu FTM7250 C4FM
  • Yaesu FT7900 (on board NB Royal Oscar)
  • Yaesu FTDX10
  • Leixen VV898
  • Wouxan Handheld
  • Yaesu FT4X Handheld
  • Yaesu FT60

My antennas are a Diamond V2000 along with a Aerial 51 for HF.

Have a look at our website, and if we have a net give us a call, or listen out for us on the HF bands.

Take care