I suppose my main interest has always been in antennas.

I put one out across our rear garden into the trees for the rented radio,

to get better reception on radio Luxemburg: Yes that long ago.

I put a thin wire round and round my Bedroom picture rail for the crystal set. It worked.

Starting off as a radio and television engineer and with a vague interest in ham radio,

but a much better interest in any kind of dancing; and partners’…  So the ham radio was not pursued at that time.

I moved on to Main Frame Computers and after a short time as an engineer I went into trouble shooting and teaching engineers for the next thirty years.

It was during the early part that I acquired an old army radio and used to listen in to whatever was available: can’t remember the set.

Much later I decided to take up the radio course at or local night school and soon passed my test.

I tried also the Morse course but it never sunk in or I didn’t give it the time and daily practice which  you need in order to progress.

I am still  determined to being able to read Morse.

I started off with a FT-270R two metre rig and a two element ant.

Eventually, I bought an ICOM 706 MKII HF and 2m + 50 MHz (6m).

I had help putting up a 20m wire dipole.

My shack is an 8 foot (2.5 M)  square room at the end of a double garage.

Then I got an MFJ manual antenna tuner.

I now have a Hustler 6 Band (10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 80m) Tuned Vertical: Size: 7.3M (24ft). No tuner required.

I drove a 5 foot pipe three foot into the ground and clamped the 6BTV to it.

and a new acquisition, a tri-band ‘white stick.’ 6m, 2m & 70cm.

I am still interested in experiments with different designs of antennas ( I just have a Round TUIT ) .

and testing them at ground level with a NanoVNA.